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Den ultimata melodramatiska kult-porr-skräck-klassikern!

Ett spökhus, en regnig natt, en grupp strandsatta främlingar? En polymorft pervers film som är omöjlig att beskriva i ord; Thundercrack! måste ses! Manus av den legendariska George Kuchar som också spelar en av huvudrollerna mot Marion Eaton. Thundercrack! var en av John Waters viktigaste inspirationskällor.


San Francisco, 1975: strange times, with strange people doing strange stuff. Among other things: one of the strangest films ever made.

THUNDERCRACK! starts out as a horror flick with some people taking refuge in a ghostly mansion during a storm at the countryside. Their hostess is one of the weirdest female characters ever shown on screen. Dead drunk, horny, delirious: Marion Eaton plays the role with a vengeance.

What is the secret with her dead husband? Where is her son? Why does she keep human body parts in the cellar?

It really doesn?t matter much. Very soon, everyone gets involved in something much more interesting: having sex in every which way possible and impossible.

Curt McDowell’s THUNDERCRACK! is a true cult classic which has shocked, excited and amazed audiences during the last 28 years. Now it is being presented for the first time on dvd.