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Hooked (3-Disc Collection) (DVD)

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Ooh! En 3-discutgåva proppad med underbar propaganda från 1914-1979. Man vet inte om man ska bli mörkrädd, eller se ljuset av denna fantastiska tidsresa till skrämseltaktikens gyllene eror!


For decades Governments, Church Groups, Medical Societies and all round do-gooders have been trying to educate teenagers about the evils of drugs.
Then there’s the Film Makers…

Although in many cases their motives were honourable some were debatable and seem to be more involved in showing various forms of debauchery on the screen than sending out a genuine warning. Others had no idea of the actual effects on the body and portray Marijuana as leading to murder, rape, suicide and swallowing glass.
This collection contains some of the most outrageous, imaginative and ridiculous of these films and also a couple that were quite constructive.

We’ve also provided a booklet to tell you the story of the films and the people who made them.

Disc 1:

1. Cocaine Fiends (1935)
2. Opium Fire (1914)
3. Drug Addiction (1951)
4. The Terrible Truth (1951)

Disc 2:

1. Marihuana (1936)
2. Narcotics: Pit Of Despair (1967)
3. Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb (1969)

Disc 3:

1. She Shoulda’ Said No (1949)
2. Keep Off The Grass (1969)
3. Drugs Are Like That (1979)

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