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Brighton Beach

In this Shakespearian rivalry between two business owners: the GOROV family, and the local mob boss, VADIM PALUKULA (Costa Ronin). DANNY GOROV, (Barney Harris) a young first-generation American doctor, whose vision for the future expands beyond the small medical practice that he runs with his Russian-born parents. When violent newcomer, VADIM PALAKULA, threatens to destroy the Gorov practice, and steal their livelihood, Danny defies his father’s advice and goes toe-to-toe with the cutthroat gangster. The risk Danny takes becomes graver, and infinitely more complicated, when he falls in love with the talented cabaret singer, MILAKOROLEVA, (FKA Twigs) a woman with her own dangerous relationship to Vadim. A story of love, power and betrayal, BRIGHTON BEACH is a violent coming of age story, and an intimate study of a family’s unraveling.

From the Executive Producer of the Acadamy Award winning Motion Picture BIRDMAN comes a contemporary crime thriller set in Brighton Beach, a Brooklyn neighborhood that has long been defined by the influence of its colorful population.