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Omslag av Lunacy (DVD)

Förstora omslag

Genre Trapart
Längd 44 min
Land Sverige
Inspelningsår 2017
Regi Carl Abrahamsson
Artikelnr NF1057
Release 2018-07-11
Omslag av Lunacy (DVD)

Lunacy (DVD)

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LUNACY is the moon-romantic follow-up to Carl Abrahamsson’s film SUB UMBRA ALARUM LUNA from 2016 (also available from Njutafilms). Where SUB UMBRA was a specific honouring of Derek Jarman’s IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN (1975, with music by Throbbing Gristle 1980), LUNACY journeys deeper into the lunar energies specifically inspiring witchcraft. Vanessa Sinclair began by creating cut-ups of Abrahamsson’s writing about the moon, then made audio recordings of these, which Abrahamsson set to music, eventually becoming the soundtrack for the film LUNACY. The creative couple constructed a declaration of love for the moon as a timeless source of inspiration for poetry, beauty, witchcraft and other essential facets of life.

This film is a psychedelic trip to the moon and back, praising lunar forces and witches from all times and spaces. LUNACY acts as a conductor to emotional transcendence and illumination rather than to scientific analysis. The moon is always there in various degrees of visibility to the human eye, but the power of Hecate and other lunar celebrities remains constant. It’s the only fact that’s relevant in the greater human scheme of things.

Words by Vanessa Sinclair. Music & Film by Carl Abrahamsson.

DVD BONUS MATERIAL: 12 short cinepoèmes/films made by Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson during 2016-2017.

Copyright © 2018 Carl Abrahamsson/

Vanessa Sinclair is female William Burroughs for the age of desperation…” (Val Denham)

It’s amazing… It truly captures the precise vibe of Derek’s SHADOW in a way so perfect it could BE a Derek film!” (Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on Carl Abrahamsson’s SUB UMBRA ALARUM LUNA)

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