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Omslag av Lendarys

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Genre Animé, Familjefilm, Fantasy, Releaser längre fram
Land Frankrike/Kanada
Inspelningsår 2023
Regi Philippe Duchene, Cuvelier Jean-Baptiste
Skådespelare Akil Wingate
Release TBA
Omslag av Lendarys


At the heart of an imaginary world populated by fantastical creatures and dangerous monsters, the 13 year-old Zak goes in search of his twin brother Kyle, who has disappeared mysteriously. Equipped with a magical jade stone whose superpowers he doesn’t yet know how to control, he is joined by his grandmother NaïNaï and Indiana, a beautiful outlaw who can communicate with the world’s fantastical creatures. But he is also flanked by Wowo, formerly a 3 meter-tall furry pachyderm, now turned into a tiny, cute and wacky furball by the magical jade stone.