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Omslag av 2×3 (DVD)

Förstora omslag

Originaltitel 2x3
Genre Erotik, Kortfilm
Längd 60 min
Land Sverige
Inspelningsår 2000
Regi Nicolas Debot, Micke Engström
Skådespelare Linda Hedihn, Scarlett Andersson
Textning Svenska, danska, norska, finska
Format All Zone, Full Frame
Artikelnr NF005
Extras Revenge, 2002, 3', Micke Engström Sug på den!, 2002, 4', Micke Engström Amour+, 2002, 5', Nicolas Debot Varla, Philosopher, 1999, 4', Nicolas Debot Trouble quoi, 1997, 7', Nicolas Debot Inside Out, 2002, 25', Nicolas Debot 12 sidors Booklet
Release 2003-2004
Omslag av 2×3 (DVD)

2×3 (DVD)

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”Time to kick the knowledge, Scandinavian underground style, as micro-budgeted cine-terrorist Nicolas Debot continues with his twisted life mission to subvert philosophies and mess with audiences’ minds. Shot on ancient 35mm film gear in a single night during the last Stockholm Film Festival, and featuring hand-held scope cinematography by our own Karim Hussain, FACTS ARE SAFETY consists of the strange pseudo-intellectual after-sex musings of a young couple, as they wander around a very small room with their horny friends just kind of hanging around. Very strange, ironic stuff here, with an experimental drive that gives it a quirkily unique personality. Any film with bondage imagery that quotes both L. Ron Hubbard and Boyd Rice, has obviously got fire between its sprockets, and yes, that’s a good thing.” Mitch Davis, FantAsia, om Facts are Safety