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Omslag av Djungelgänget – På äventyr jorden runt

Förstora omslag

Genre Animé, Familjefilm, Releaser längre fram
Land Frankrike
Inspelningsår 2023
Regi Laurent Bru, Yannick Moulin, Benoît Somville
Artikelnr NF1750
Release BIOPREMIÄR 2024-01-19
Omslag av Djungelgänget – På äventyr jorden runt

Djungelgänget – På äventyr jorden runt

A strange pink foam is spreading over the jungle. It is an invention of Albert, a brilliant scientific armadillo who disappeared years ago. This strange pink foam has the particularity of exploding on contact with water, and the rainy season is in a month!

To save the jungle, there is not a minute to lose: you have to find Albert, the only one who can make an antidote. The Jungle Bunch decide to go to the Far North in search of Camélia, Albert’s daughter, because only she knows how to find him.

The Jungle Bunch, accompanied by the young adventurous armadillo, will travel the globe crossing oceans, mountains and deserts before arriving in France to seize a secret ingredient necessary for the manufacture of the antidote.

Between an amorous and awkward Great Tiger Warrior, a serious sentimental crisis in the couple of Batricia and Gilbert, a deeply depressed Miguel by the deprivation of bananas, Al and Bob in the grip of an acute inferiority complex and a mysterious villain with very long teeth (Kyle) and Machiavellian plans, the adventure promises not to be easy!