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Omslag av I nöd och lust (Bio)

Förstora omslag

Genre Komedi, Releaser längre fram
Land Frankrike
Inspelningsår 2023
Regi Tristan Séguéla
Skådespelare Catherine Frot, Fabrice Luchini, Rehin Hollant
Artikelnr NF1698
Release BIOPREMIÄR 2023-06-02
Omslag av I nöd och lust (Bio)

I nöd och lust (Bio)

As Jean campaigns to be reelected conservative mayor of a small town in northern France, Edith, his wife of 40 years, tells him a secret she can no longer repress: in her heart of hearts, she is – and always has been – a man. At first Jean thinks she is joking, but he quickly understands that Edith is determined to see her transition through to the end. Both his marriage and his campaign are in for a serious shakeup.