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Omslag av Vampire Clay

Förstora omslag

Originaltitel Chi o sû nendo
Genre Fantasy, Komedi, Skräck
Längd 80 min
Land Japan
Inspelningsår 2017
Skådespelare Sôichi Umezawa
Omslag av Vampire Clay

Vampire Clay

Absurdity and gore ensue as a possessed pile of clay begins terrorizing students at an art school.


Gleefully absurd (…) One bonkers Japanese body horror flick” – Dread Central
Utter ridiculousness.” – Variety
Unintentionally funny (…) delightfully uncanny.” – Bloody Disgusting
Truly an outlandish experience.” – Martyrcycle
Blood and fun in a goofy premise.” – Film School Rejects
Grisly, ghastly, and surreal.” – Dork Shelf
Best movie where people are eaten by a sculpture.” – The Verge
An absolutely insane film (…) a mix between The Blob, The Thing, and Evil Dead.” – Sean Kelly on Movies
Reaches Brian Yuzna-esque heights of giddy absurdity.” – A.V. Club