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Genre Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Land Frankrike, Belgien, Luxemburg
Inspelningsår 2019
Regi Christian Volckman
Skådespelare Olga Kurylenko, Kevin Janssens, Marianne Bourg
Omslag av The Room

The Room

Kate and Matt are a young New York couple in their thirties. He’s a struggling comic book artist, she’s tired of her job in a big law firm. In search of a more authentic and healthy life, they leave the City and move into an old house in upstate New Hampshire. They soon discover a secret hidden room that has the extraordinary power to materialize anything they wish for. Like children in a fairytale candy house, they spend days and nights indulging their every desire of material possession. And then one day, they ask for a child… a little boy.

Beneath this apparent state of bliss, something darker lurks and some wishes can have dire consequences: the Room’s creations cannot leave the house without wasting away. The Room could very well turn their dream into a nightmare…