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Omslag av Teddy

Förstora omslag

Genre Drama, Komedi, Skräck
Längd 88 min
Land Frankrike
Inspelningsår 2020
Regi Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma
Skådespelare Anthony Bajon, Christine Gautier, Ludovic Torrent, Noémie Lvovsky
Omslag av Teddy


France, Pyrénées. Twentysomething Teddy lives in a foster home and works as a temp in a massage parlor. Rebecca, his girlfriend, will soon graduate. A scorching hot summer begins. But Teddy is scratched by a beast in the woods: the wolf that local angry farmers have been hunting for months. As weeks go by, animal pulsions soon start to overcome the young man…

Directors’ comments:
We were raised in the middle of nowhere in lot-et-garonne, in the corn fields. Monsters saved us from being bored to death as teenagers. Our mother, a fan of Stephen King, taught us about them since we were toddlers. So monsters became our friends, we imagined them walking in the desert streets of our small village. With TEDDY we want to direct a fantasy genre film set in a current realistic french countryside.