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Omslag av Street Trash (DVD, VoD)

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Genre Komedi, Skräck
Land USA
Inspelningsår 1987
Regi Jim Muro
Skådespelare Mike Lackey, R. L. Ryan, James Lorinz, Vic Noto
Release 2017-09-25
Omslag av Street Trash (DVD, VoD)

Street Trash (DVD, VoD)

The owner of a liquor store in east New York in the Brooklyn-Queens border region finds a case of cheap wine (“Tenafly Viper”) in his basement. It is more than 60 years old and has gone bad, but he decides to sell it to the local hobos anyway. Unfortunately, anyone who drinks the Viper melts away in a hideous fashion. Meanwhile a cop (Bill Chepil) is trying to get to the bottom of all the deaths, all the while trying to end the tyranny of a deranged Vietnam veteran named Bronson (Vic Noto), who has made his self-proclaimed “kingdom” at the junkyard with a group of homeless vets under his command as his personal henchmen.

**** ”Street Trash är en kultfilm som är ivrig efter att förvåna sin publik” – Slant Magazine
En campy pärla som helt enkelt inte får missas” – Film Pulse