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Omslag av Replace (DVD, VoD)

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Genre Science Fiction, Thriller
Land Kanada, Tyskland
Inspelningsår 2017
Regi Norbert Keil
Skådespelare Barbara Crampton, Rebecca Forsythe , Lucie Aron, Sean Knopp, Adnan Maral
Omslag av Replace (DVD, VoD)

Replace (DVD, VoD)

Afflicted with a dermatological disease, young and beautiful Kira discovers that she can replace her skin with that of another girl, so she plots a murder and the victim becomes her doner. But the disease keeps coming back and she must find more victims. In danger of being discovered by the police or her newly-found lover, Sophia, Kira has to decide if she will continue to take the skin of other girls, or face the inevitable decay of her body.