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Omslag av M.F.A (DVD/VoD)

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Genre Thriller
Längd 90 min
Land USA
Inspelningsår 2017
Regi Natalia Leite
Skådespelare Francesca Eastwood, Clifton Collins Jr., Leah McKendrick, David Sullivan, Marlon Young m.fl.
Omslag av M.F.A (DVD/VoD)


Noelle, an art student struggling to find her voice, is sexually assaulted by a fellow classmate. Attempting to cope with her trauma, she impulsively confronts her attacker, leading to a violent altercation that culminates in his accidental death. Noelle tries to return to normalcy, but when she discovers that she is only one of many silenced sexual assault survivors on campus, she takes justice into her own hands. A vigilante is born – retribution is the inspiration she’s been waiting for.

Natalia Leite is a writer/director/actress, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.She is a frequent contributor to Vice Media, creating original content like the provocative Vice show, “Every Woman” where she documented her experience working in a truck-stop strip club. Natalia was listed in 2015 as one of Indiewire’s Filmmakers To Watch and has been a featured speaker for NY Women In Film & Television, Apple Store Talks, IFP Filmmaker Conference, and numerous Universities.

Leah McKendrick is an award winning actress/writer/producer. In 2014 she formed Villainess Productions, aimed at creating content featuring women in diverse and compelling roles, in front of the camera and behind. M.F.A. is her feature film debut as a writer/producer/actress. Acting highlights include Bad Moms with Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate and Misconduct with Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins and Josh Duhamel.


Eastwood is absolutely riveting, inhabiting a true violent vigilante worth rooting for.” – LA Times
An unapologetically feminist, female-centric take on the oft-problematic (and oft-male-gaze-dominated) rape-revenge thriller genre, the film never shies away from righteous provocation.” – Variety
Spectacular, risky, and wonderfully realized by Natalia Leite.” – We Live Entertainment
Eastwood harnesses the kind of tenacity she’s previously displayed, adding rich emotional layers to a demanding role.” – Indiewire
Eastwood’s performance is something out of this world.” – Dread Central
Francesca Eastwood gives a stirring, sterling performance, transforming from a wallflower into a dynamic powerhouse.” – Screen Anarchy
Intensely engaging, thought-provoking, and also mesmerizing.” – Bloody Disgusting
Gives the revenge genre a feminist spin.” – The Austin Chronicle